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Add child discount for an object

You can specify a percentage child discount in the Object Management which you can then quickly select in the booking window. This is only possible if the unit’s price depends on the number of guests staying in the room(e.g. per night/person).

1. Open the object by selecting it in the Object Management window and pressing the Edit button.

2. In the left list select the item Child Discount.

3. Add the information about the child discount. You can use a maximum of 3 discount levels, with one of the levels being a 100% discount (e.g. for infants).

4. After you have completed the information for the object, press Save or switch to a different list item.

When you press Save, the current changes will be saved, the window for the Object Details will be closed and the window for the Object Management will be shown again. The object you were currently working on is selected and the information will be shown in the right area.

If you want to add a child discount in units where the price does not depend on the number of guests staying in the room (e.g. per week), you can add a child discount as an extra item with a negative amount.