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How do I delete an online booking?

Bookings that are manually entered into the reservation schedule can be deleted by going to the command in the menu bar or right-click menu as well as hitting the DELETE key while having it selected.
If the booking came in through the Lodgit Online Booking System or the Channel Manager, the process is a little different:

If a booking came in through the Lodgit Online Booking System and you select the DELETE command, you’ll first set the booking as “to be deleted”. They’ll be marked in the schedule with diagonal stripes. During the next synchronisation, the cancellation will be sent to the server (so that it’s listed correctly in the online list of your bookings). Only after this synchronisation will it be set to the status “Cancelled Online Booking” and you can delete the booking from the schedule.

If a booking came in through the Channel Manager, you can delete the booking quite normally. However, it’s important to note that no cancellation notice will be sent to the channel manager, only the vacancies will be updated. If a cancellation notice comes in from the channel manager, you will receive a message in your error log and can manually delete the booking.