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Add, edit and bill deposits for bookings

You can add one or more deposits to every booking.

1. Open the booking window and switch to Services > Deposits.

2. Click the “Add deposit” button to select a deposits. In the preferences you can pre-define due dates which you can select from this dropdown menu.

Clicking the arrow at the right side of the field will let you enter a percentage and the program will then determine the amount for the deposit.

3. You can also edit the description of a deposit. 

If you want to delete a deposit that you have entered, select it in the list and then press the delete button on the top right corner of the list. Once you hit “Save” the entry will be deleted.

When you create and offer or a confirmation, you can put paragraphs, such as requests for payment or receipt confirmations for deposits on them. The default texts for those can be added and edited under Administration > Texts.

All deposits will have to be accounted for on the final invoices. More information about how to add deposit payments to final invoices can be found under point 7 of Creating Invoices.

Split invoices for deposits

1. Add at least one deposit to the booking and save the changes. Then you will find a new button “Deposit invoice…” at the bottom of the booking window… 

This will open the invoice window: 

2. Highlight the items you want to invoice in the list on the left. You can select a single item or – by using the SHIFT key – several items. By clicking the button  those selected items will be moved to the right side and become items to be invoiced.

3. Just like when you are creating an actual invoice you can now select the invoice recipient, payment method and due date.

4. You can preview the split invoice by pressing the Preview button, print it with the Print button. If you want to cancel the process, press Cancel.