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Automatic and custom groups

The Guest Management of Lodgit Desk automatically provides automatic groups that are meant to help you with your guest management. You can also add your own groups, in order to add guests to a certain category or group (e.g. for bulk letters).

Automatic groups

1. Open the Guest Management.

2. Simply click on a group in the left list and the guests in this group will be shown in the list next to it.

These are the automatic groups:

AllAll guests
BlockedGuests that are blocked
CompaniesGuests that are companies
CompanionsGuests that have only been listed as companions so far
E-MailGuests that have listed one or more email addresses
Main ContactsGuests that have been listed as a main contact for a booking
Permission “Advertising Mailing”Guests that agreed to receive advertising mailings
Permission “Review Portals”Guests that have given their permission to send their data to the review portals
PrivateGuests that are not companies
ProspectivesPersons who are NOT registered as Main Contact or Companion in a booking or who are NOT the recipient of an invoice or receipt.
RegularsGuests that are regulars icon according to your preferences

Custom groups

To add your own guest groups do the following:

1. Open the Guest Management

2. Press the plus button below the group list. This will create a new group called “New Group”

3. Double-click on the name and enter the name you like.

Your own groups will always be sorted alphabetically below the automatic groups.

Add guests to a group

When you create a new group it doesn’t have any guests, yet, of course. This is how you add guests to a group:

1. Click on the group All which will show you all your guests.

2. Select the guest(s) that you want to add to a group.

Hold down the CMD- or CTRL-key to select more than one guest at a time.

3. Drag the selected guests to your new group.

You can also use the context menu (right-click) or the Actions menu aktionsmenue to select the item “Add To Group > …”!

If you now select your group you will see that the guests you have dragged into this group are now a part of it.

Remove a guest from a group

To remove a guest from a group select them in the guest-list of the group and then chose the context menu item or Actions menu item “Remove From Group”.