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Change the booking status to Checked Out

… in booking window

1. Double-click on the booking in the reservation schedule. This will open the booking window.

2. On the right side, select the booking status Checked Out from the drop down menu.

The data of a checked out booking can no longer be edited, but the status can changed back in order to re-enable editing again at any time.

3. Close the window. This will change the color of the booking to the one that you have specified in the Preferences to show Checked In bookings.

… in reservation schedule

1. Select the booking you want to edit in the reservation schedule and call up the context menu by right-clicking on it.

2. Within the context menu, go to Change Status To > Checked Out.

Select the booking you want to edit and then go to Bookings > Change Status To > Checked Out.

You can only set the status of a booking to Checked Out if the current date is within or after the booking time frame. The current date is marked purple in the reservation schedule.

Once you have changed the status to Checked Out, you can still create invoices.