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Automatically change the cleaning status of a rentable unit

You can set up specific cleaning intervals for each unit and use those settings for generating a cleaning list. This change from the previous status of “Cleaned” and “Linens changed” will only happen when the unit is occupied.

1. Open the rentable unit you want to add features to by going to the Object Management, then going to the Rentable Units, then selecting the unit and pressing the Editieren button.

2. Select the list item Cleaning in the left list.

Check the box that says Set cleaning status automatically if you want to use the automatic cleaning status change. Uncheck it if you don’t.

The Cleaning time is the time of day that the rentable unit is usually being cleaned at.

You now have two options for the cleaning interval: it can either be set depending on the bookings or depending on the days of the week.

If you select a cleaning interval dependant on bookings, the unit will only be cleaned whenever there’s a booking in it.
You have the options from “daily” to “weekly” as well as “on arrival”, “final cleaning” or “on arrival and final cleaning”.

The towel and linen change can then be set according to the cleanings (e.g. “with every second cleaning”) or according to the booking days (e.g. “every two days”). Here, you also have the options “on arrival”, “final cleaning” or “on arrival and final cleaning”, and you can select combinations (e.g. “also on arrival”).

If you select a cleaning interval dependant on weekdays, the unit will be cleaned on specific days regardless of whether it is occupied or not.

You also have the options for an additional cleaning on arrival and/or departure. The towel and linen change can be set separately.

If a rentable unit is set to the status “Needs Cleaning”, the symbol cleaning icon will show in the cleaning column next to the rentable unit in the reservation schedule. There’s also a cleaning list you can print out for your personnel.

The checkbox Use those settings for all rentable units in this object allows you to apply these setting to all the rentable units in this object which saves you time.

When the rentable unit was cleaned (and the linens changed) you have to set the status to “Cleaned” manually in the reservation schedule. Doing that will ensure the cleaning change interval to work correctly the next time.