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Preferences for payment terms and methods

In the Preferences under Payment Methods you can define the payment terms for each payment method and choose, which payment method is used the most often and will be added to newly created invoices by default.

If you often have different payment methods for your invoices, there’s the option of choosing None as the default payment method. For new invoices, you then have to always manually select the payment method.

Manage payment methods

In the table below the default payment method menu, you can see all payment methods available in Lodgit Desk:

With a click on the “time for payment” field, you can edit the default payment term for each method.

You can also deactivate payment methods you don’t want to use anymore, so they won’t clog up the select list in the invoice window.

The plus button in the last table row allows you to add your own custom payment methods. You can use this to differentiate between different cards you accept, for example. Now you can define further settings for your custom payment methods:

  • Add the account numbers for the accounting export. See settings
    Important: Default for a new payment method is “0”.
  • Edit the payment texts in the Text Management.
    Important: Default is the text of the selected “Type”.

You can delete a custom payment method by pressing the minus button.

Once a payment method was used for an invoice, it cannot be deleted. But you can block it from further use by unchecking the “Active” box.

Any changes you make to the name or type of payment methods that have already been used will be saved in the GOBD journal.