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Numbering for invoices, offers and confirmations

You can add different numberings for offers, confirmations and invoices in the Preferences under Numbering. If need be, you can add a numbering to an object in the Object Management!

If you have several objects (e.g. one hotel, one guesthouse and several holiday homes), you can add a different numbering for each object.

The numbering for invoices can be set right on the first page. 

In order to modify the numbering of offers and confirmations, simply click on “Others” 

To edit the format of the offer, confirmation and invoice numbering, you have several placeholders at your disposal:

yyyear (two digits)
YYyear (four digits)
#placeholder for numbers

You can use any other character as a separator.


YY – #######2005 – 0021501

When you create a new piece of correspondence, the number will automatically be counted upwards. If you want to start over every year, you can manually edit the number on Jan 1st by double clicking on it and resetting it to 0.

As a new Lodgit Desk user you can, of course, keep your old numbering system. Since you can also edit the last number freely (double-click on the number to edit it), you can also start using Lodgit Desk in the middle of a year without having to worry about your invoice/confirmation/offer numbers.