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cubeSQL: Disconnected / switch back to local database

If you last ran Lodgit Desk in database server or multi-user mode and the database server should be unreachable, Lodgit can only be reset to local mode for security reasons by explicitly deleting the program’s settings file.

This is to prevent accidentally working in different databases or downloading online bookings to the wrong database.

If you still want to continue working with a local version of the database, proceed as follows, depending on your operating system:


First, close Lodgit Desk. Then open a Finder window and click “Go” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Now hold down the alt or option key. The item “Library” will then appear in the menu and you can click on it. 

In the library you will find a subfolder called “Preferences”. Double click to open it. 

In the subfolder “Library/Preferences” you will find a file “de.lodgit.lodgitdesk.plist”.

Make sure that Lodgit Desk is closed on your computer.

If you delete this file, Lodgit will reset to factory defaults and reconnect to the local database the next time you start it.


First close Lodgit Desk. Then click on the start menu icon and search for %APPDATA%. A folder with this name should show up in the search results. Click on it to open it.

In %APPDATA% you should be able to find – amongst others – a subfolder called “Lodgit”.

The Lodgit subfolder contains the file “de.lodgit.lodgitdesk.plist”.

Make sure that Lodgit is closed and then delete this file to reset Lodgit Desk to factory defaults and local mode.