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Kassensicherung (English Description)

Lodgit Desk offers an additional module for the connection to cash register security systems (Kassensicherung) in Germany and Austria. For Austria we connect the software using cBird, for Germany we use technical security devices from Epson. These connections are necessary for the software to be legally compliant in operation in these respective countries.

The module includes:

The Lodgit Desk module “Kassa-Austria (RKSV)” has been expanded to include the functions required by the German KassenSichV (also known as ‘Kassensicherung’).

Nothing changes for our Austrian customers who have already purchased the Kassa Austria RKSV module. Customers from Germany who want to connect a TSE due to the KassenSichV must purchase the module “Interface Kassensicherung” from the Lodgit shop.