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Import guest data

Import guest data from CSV file

To import guest data from a CSV file, go to Guest Management and use the Actions menu to select the item Import > CSV file. Then, select the file that you want to import and open it (or drag the file directly into your Guest Management.

This will open the window Import.

Make sure that the data in the CSV file is correctly displayed in the preview area. If not, try selecting a different text encoding, separator or text separator. In the first line, you have to select the attribute for each column. You can only assign attributes to the columns that are already created in Lodgit Desk. If your CSV file has columns whose contents you would like to import, create the corresponding attribute under >Add more data.

The first line of your file, displayed in bold type, will not be imported by default! That’s because most often, the first line contains column headings.

When you’re done, press OK. This will import the guests into your Guest Management.

If Lodgit Desk finds duplicate guest data, this warning will appear:

If you want to add a second guest file to your database, press Save, otherwise press Cancel.

If you want to choose this action (creating a new guest file or ignoring the duplicate data) for every duplicate guest, check the box that says “Repeat this action the next time this happens”.

Import guest data from vCard

To import guest data from a vCard, open the Guest Management and select the menu item Import Guests > vCard from the Actions menu. Then you should select the vCard file that you want to import from and open it. You can also just drag and drop the file directly into the Guest Management.

A window will open.

Make sure that the data of the vCard is shown correctly. You might have to adjust the text encoding. When you are done, press OK.

This will import the data of the guests into Guest Management.

It’s possible to import several vCards from one file.


A vCard (*.vcf) is an “electronic business card”. You can use this to export contact information from e.g. an email program and import them into another program.