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Create database backup

ALL relevant data of your daily work is stored in the database file called “Lodgit Database.lxdb”. Your data on guests, objects and rental units, extra items, receipts, cash book etc. are also stored in this file.

Damage to or destruction of this file will inevitably result in the loss of all your data. The employees of Lodgit Hotelsoftware do NOT have access to your data and are therefore not able to restore it for you.

The protection of your data via backups is urgently necessary. With regard to data protection, please also ensure that you handle customer data responsibly.

To configure backups, please go to Preferences and then select the list item Backup.

If you are using the server feature cubeSQL, the backups have to be done by the server. More information here.

1. Select location for backups

If you click on the “Select” button, you can specify the location (path) for the backup of the database. Please note here that the backup copy must be stored either:

  • on a portable data carrier (USB stick, external hard disk, NAS) or
  • by a cloud service provider (in compliance with data protection laws)

Please do not store backups directly on your work computer. This is the only way to preserve your data in case of a computer crash or similar.

2. Configure settings for automatic backup

Check the box that says Backup automatically. This will give you several options, that you can also use in parallel:

  • backing up every x hours
  • backing up when starting the program (always; without prompting)
  • backing up when quitting the program (optional prompting)

Each backup creates a new file with a timestamp (e.g. Lodgit Database-2022-09-21-16-19-54.lxdb) so that you can select the time when you might need to restore.

When setting, also note that any backups that fall outside of your scheduled time period (1 – 30 days) will also be irretrievably deleted.

You can do a manual backup by going to File “Create Backup”.