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Add, edit and delete packages

In the menu bar, go to Administration > Extras and Packages > Packages, or click on the Extras button at the top of the reservation schedule (keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+Z). This will open the window Extras and Packages and show the section Packages.

Add new package

1. Click the plus symbol  in the left package list and then add a new package with a significant name.

2. On the right side, you can now add extras to the package by selecting them in the list and pressing the arrow button. If you select them in the right list and press the x-button, you can delete them from the package.

You can also add sub-packages by scrolling to the bottom of the extras list. Those sub-packages allow you to organise your packages and put similar extras into a folder. You can print the names of sub-packages on offers, confirmations and invoices if you have checked the respective boxes.

You can move extras around within a package by clicking and dragging their double-arrow on the right side!

3. Changes will be saved automatically.

Add new category and put packages therein

1. Click the folder symbol Ordner and add a new category.

2. Click and drag a package into the new category. Sorting packages into categories can be especially helpful, when a lot of packages are offered.

Edit packages

1. Select a package that you want to delete in the package list. Add more extras by selecting them in the extras list and pressing the arrow button. Delete extras from the package by selecting them in the package table and pressing the x-button.

2. All changes will be saved automatically.

Delete packages

1. Open the window Extras and Packages and go to Packages.

2. Select the package that you want to delete in the list.

3. Press the button . The selected package will be deleted.

Update extras in existing packages

Just like you can update all extras in existing bookings you can also use the Actions menu to update the information of extras in all existing packages.

  1. Open the window Extras and Packages and then go to Extras.
  2. From the Action menu select the item “Update extras in package management”. This will open the window for the update options:
  3. Specify which values you want to update (tax rate, price and price unit).
  4. Start the update by pressing the button “Edit”.

Adding packages to a booking manually can be done in the booking window. You can also automatically book packages to a booking by linking the package to the rentable unit. This can be helpful for default services such as breakfast.