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Link package to a rentable unit

Under Packages you can add certain extras automatically to each booking in a rentable unit. To do this, you have to link the package, that contains the extras that are to be added to the bookings automatically, permanently to a rentable unit. This is recommended for extra services such a breakfast or final cleaning.

1. Open the rentable unit you want to link a package to by going to the Object Management, then going to the Rentable Units, then selecting the unit and pressing the Editieren button.

2. In the left list, select the list item Extras / Packages.

3. In the area In Program, link packages to the unit by checking the box Book Automatically. These packages will then be added to each new booking in this unit automatically.

4. After you are done editing the rentable unit, press Save. This will close the window for the Rentable Unit and the window for the Object Management will be shown again. In this window, your rentable unit is still selected and the information about it are shown in the right area of the window.