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Create a (group) reservation using the booking assistant

In order to quickly generate a (group) booking, go to the menu bar item Bookings and select New (with Booking Assistant)….

In the window that opens, select the time frame for the booking.

It’s not possible to create a group booking with bookings in different time frames using the Booking Assistant. To do that, create the bookings separately from one another and then put them into a group.

Also select the booking statuses that will list a unit as “Occupied” for the time frame to avoid over-bookings.

In step 2, you will now see a list of all vacant units. You can filter this list by a certain object.

Easily select the rentable units through:

  • selecting the rentable units by checking the box,
  • selecting the number of rentable units in a category by clicking on the arrow in the first column,
  • selecting the number of guests by clicking on the arrow in the last column.

Below the list, you’ll find how many units are vacant and how many guests you can theoretically accommodate at most. On the right side, you’ll see what you’ve selected.

In step 3, you can select any extra services and/or packages you want to add to the bookings.

Extras and Packages you select here will be added to all the bookings in this group. If you want to add certain extras and/or packages to single bookings, you can do that later in the respective booking window.

If you want to ignore automatically added packages, de-select the option to have them added.

In the last step, you can select the main contact for the booking as well as the booking status. You’ll also see an overview over all services and the end total.

Then press the button Create Booking or Create Group Booking to generate the new booking in the reservation schedule.