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View/print confirmations for a guest

1. Open the Guest Management.

2. Select the guest in the guest list.

3. Go to History and then select Confirmations in the drop down menu “Show”.

Here you will find all confirmations that have ever been printed for this guest using Lodgit Desk. You can filter the search by selecting a time frame for which the confirmations will be listed.

You can also filter the search by only showing confirmations with a certain status. Simply select the status you want to be shown in the drop down menu on the right.

You can sort the list of the guest history by its columns by clicking on the column header. Clicking once will sort the list by this column in descending order, clicking again will sort it in ascending order.

You can use the context menu of a list item (right-click), double-click on it or use the Actions menu aktionsmenue to quickly open the booking corresponding to the confirmation. You can also print the confirmation again.