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Which POS systems are compatible with the Lodgit interface?

Via the “POS systems” interface, the restaurant consumption of your overnight guests can be transferred to Lodgit Desk and thus billed on the guest’s final bill. But which systems are compatible with Lodgit Desk?

Lodgit Desk supports the protocols Standard (PROTEL compatible), Vectron and GASTWARE. The best way to find out whether the POS system you are using supports one of these two protocols is to contact the manufacturer or sales department.

Which data is transferred?
Lodgit Desk creates a list of checked-in guests and their rooms/bookings. It serves as an orientation and allocation aid for the POS. In return, the cash register creates a file with the consumption and the corresponding guest, which is imported into Lodgit Desk. Consumption items that cannot be assigned appear in an error log; they can then be processed manually.

Please note: Lodgit Desk will not transfer any settlement items to the POS system!