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Use Lodgit Desk on more than one computer

In the standard version, Lodgit Desk is available only in single user mode. That means all the data is saved locally on your computer and you are responsible for the security of said data. It also means the data is only available on one computer.

There are, however, a couple of options to access Lodgit Desk and your data from different work stations.

Optional additional module “Interface: Database Server”

With the additional module you’ll be able to store the database on a virtual server and access it from different workstations. The server will be installed on a computer in your network; it needs very little resources so you can install it on a regular workstation. While the server is designed and tested to work in a local, wired network it is theoretically possible to gain…

Access via VPN or Terminal Server

It is technically feasible to get access to the database server from outside the local network. There are two options:

  1. Access via VPN (Virtual Private Network) – it works but often rather slowly.
  2. Some Lodgit Desk users have installed the database server successfully on a terminal server. Thus they have access to their data via the web. Please note: Installation of a terminal server is rather complex and should only be carried out by experienced it experts.

As the performance of both aforementioned configurations depends on the quality (and especially the latency) of the users internet connection we unfortunately can neither guarantee nor offer support for these configurations.

Remote access tools

For accessing Lodgit Desk via the internet, we recommend using a (often free) remote access tool like TeamViewer. This will allow you to access the computer with Lodgit Desk on it remotely. There is no need to install the software on more than one computer.

This method, however, does not allow the simultaneous access of more than one user.