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Package options

In the menu bar, go to Administration > Extras and Packages > Packages. You can also press the button Extras at the top of the reservation schedule (keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+Z). This will open the window Extras and Packages, where you should go to the Packages area.

Now select Package Options.

Here, you can define how the prices for extras in this package will be displayed on offers, confirmations and invoices:

  • standard: The price each extra item will be listed right next to it.
  • inclusive: The prices for all extras in this package will be added to the accommodation price and will not be listed with the package itself. If the extras are listed, the word “inclusive” will appear in the price column.
  • flat fee: The total price of all extras will be listed next to the package name. If the extras are listed, only the amount/quantity will be listed.

You can also specify whether the name of the package will be listed in the services on offers, confirmations and invoices. For standard packages, extras will be listed regardless of whether the package name is displayed. For inclusive packages, you can decide in the invoice window whether you want to list the extras separately or not. Flat fee packages always have to display the name, which is why in this case, the area will be greyed out.

You can also see a list of rentable units that the selected package is linked to. Linked packages will automatically be added to new bookings created in these rentable units.