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QuickCorrect: edit tax rates in existing bookings

Lodgit Desk can help you to easily change the tax rate of your lodging services in all rentable units, open bookings or even added extras to a different rate (e.g. change it from the full to the reduced tax rate).

  1. Open the program preferences for Lodgit Desk.
  2. Go to “Tax” and make sure that the new tax rate already exists. If it doesn’t, you can create it by clicking the plus symbol.

3. Press the button “Change tax rate…”. This will open the new window “Change Tax Rates”.

Change the tax rate in the object preferences of all existing rentable units automatically

  1. Go to “Rentable Units” in the window “Change tax Rates”.

2. Select the tax rate that you want to use in the future, make sure that all objects you want to change the rate in are selected and then press the button “Change”.

All future bookings that you will create in Lodgit Desk will be using the new tax rate automatically.

Change tax rate in lodging services for all open bookings

  1. Go to “Accommodations” in the window “Change Tax Rates”.

2. Select the new tax rate, enter the starting date for using the new rate (e.g. 30.06.2020) and make sure that all objects that you want to change the rates in are selected. Then, press the button “Change”.

Change tax rates in extras already added to bookings

Changing the tax rates for extras that have already been added to bookings and packages has been integrated into the Extras Management.

Catering services such as breakfast, half-board etc. can be added as extras and still use the full tax rate.

With Lodgit Desk, you also have the option to link an extra to a rentable unit, so that it is automatically added to each booking in said unit.