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Preferences for currency

To select the default currency that will be used in all offers, confirmations, invoices and in the Price Administration, go to the Preferences and then to Currency.

First you’ll select your default currency. This is the currency in which you enter all the prices and create the invoices.

You can also add alternative currencies with their exchange rate. You can use this to optionally display the end total of an invoice in an alternate currency within the invoice texts.

You can also decide how you want to display the currency on documents: using the currency symbol, the currency abbreviation oder a customised symbol.

If you change the currency while actively using Lodgit Desk, only the currency symbol will be switched. The amounts will not be converted! Already existing offers, confirmations and invoices will keep the old currency symbol.
You cannot change the currency if there are still unsaved entries in the cashbook. Before you can change the currency, you will have to create a cashbook balance with the end total of “0” (you can use the “Withdrawal” option, for example).