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Frequently Asked Questions | Booking Systems

Can I integrate the Online Booking System directly through an iFrame into my website?

While it’s theoretically possible, we no longer recommend it. The default settings of newer browser prohibit cookies from third party sites (e.g. advertisements). The Online Booking System runs on our servers, so if you were to integrate it through an iFrame, we would be a third party provider and the Online Booking System may not be displayed correctly, if at all, to your guests. That is why we recommend to link to the Online Booking System instead and use the options for CSSHTML Contents and Banners to make it look as closely as possible to your website design.

The Booking Calendar, however, can be integrated into your website with an iFrame without any problems because it doesn’t require any cookies.

I’ve added all the required information but the Online Booking System / Booking Calendar still can’t be accessed!

Please make sure that the Online Booking System or Booking Calendar is actually activated for the object or unit. Always remember: The box on the page where you take the link from must be checked.

I’ve edited the CSS styles, but the changes aren’t reflected in my Online Booking System!

All CSS styles are first deactivated to avoid unwanted or accidental changes. To activate them, simply remove the characters /* before and */ after the line you want to activate. Likewise, if you want to quickly undo changes, add those characters in to deactivate a line.

I have synchronised multiple times but my units are still not available in my Lodgit account!

Lodgit Desk allows you to decide for yourself which rentable units you want to make available online. You can define that within the software under Administration > Synchronisation and Online Modules > Synchronise:

Make sure that every unit you want to synchronise is checked. Changes made to this list will be reflected after the next synchronisation.

Whenever I synchronise, I’m told that I have exceeded my allotment!

The allotment for the Online Systems is not the same as the allotment for Lodgit Desk itself. So while you can, for example, manage up to 20 units in Lodgit Desk at a flat rate, the Online Systems require a small monthly fee for each rentable unit you want to put online. So you are free to only make a few of the units you manage available in your Online Booking System. Go to Administration > Synchronisation and Online Modules > Synchronise and make sure that only the units you want to synchronise are checked. If you have checked more than you’ve unlocked for the Online Systems you can either uncheck some or extend your allotment in our online shop at

Whenever a new online booking is imported, it has a little lock in the reservation schedule and I can’t move it!

New online bookings are ‘locked’ automatically by default as soon as they’re imported into the reservation schedule. That is a feature meant to keep you from accidentally moving, shortening or extending the booking before you’ve created a confirmation for it. You can always unlock a booking through its booking window:

Uncheck the box that says Lock and then you can move, shorten and lengthen the booking as usual. You can also decide that online bookings shouldn’t be automatically locked, see the Settings for the Synchronisation.