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Use different numbering for different objects

When creating offers, confirmations or invoices you can use different numbering systems for each object, which will then count upwards automatically.

Linking a numbering system that you have previously created in the Preferences to an object can be done with the following steps:

1. Open the object you want to edit by selecting it in the Object Management and then pressing the Edit button.

2. In the left list, select the list item Numbering.

3. In the drop down menus, select the numbering you would like to use for offers, confirmations and invoices for this object in the future.

4. After you have selected the numberings for the object, press Save or switch to a different list item.

Pressing Save will close the window for the Object Details and the window for the Object Management will be shown again. In this window, your object is still selected and the information about it are shown in the right area of the window.