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TSE Export

The data stored on the TSE should be backed up at regular intervals, as should the database. If the TSE is damaged, you can still access all necessary data in case of an audit by the tax office. The TSE export is available for this purpose.

You can access the TSE export via Administration > Additional modules > KassenSichV TSE. In the TSE administration window that opens, click on the TSE export button.

The export process can sometimes take a very long time. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the TSE export in a time period in which you do not have to work with Lodgit Desk, since no access to the software is allowed during the time of the export.


Lodgit Desk has the option of data export in the DSFin-VK standard for tax authorities.

If required, you can call it up via Administration> Additional Modules > KassenSichV TSE >  Exports> DSFin-VK Export.

Here you specify the period for which the data is to be exported and a storage location for the export data.

The export process can take a long time, depending on the number of data records to be exported. It is best to do this at a time when you are not working with Lodgit Desk.