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Statistics options

1. Open the unit you want to edit by going to Object Management > Rentable Units, selecting it and pressing the button Edit Editieren.

2. In the left list, select the item Statistics.

Maximum occupancy

Here you can decide how many beds must be occupied for the unit to be listed as 100% occupied in the statistics. The default setting is that all beds must be occupied. If you want your unit to be listed as 100% occupied even when there’s only one bed occupied (e.g. you offer double bedrooms as singles, too), select the number in the drop down menu.

If you have selected a lower bed number, the overcrowding of the room can be taken into account for the statistics. For example, if there are two people sleeping in that double bedroom, the occupancy would be listed as 200%. To activate this, please check the box.

Default occupancy

When drawing in a new booking into the reservation schedule, this number will be used for the number of arriving guests.