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Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

fixed Error was fixed
changed An existing feature in the program was changed
new A new feature in the program

Release Notes for 3.0.11 and 3.0.12 (10/01/2024)

new The priority can now be set for each booking status. This priority determines – in the event of overbooking – the display sequence in the booking plan.

new Interface “AVS”: The guest’s e-mail, which is required for the digital guest card, is now also forwarded. The authorisation for the guest card is stored in the guest administration.

new The deletion of old offers and confirmations has been implemented.

changed The language of database error messages has been improved.

fixed The import of texts from a Lodgit Lingua database in the text administration functioned very slowly.

fixed Links from Lodgit Desk to the documentation and the Lodgit website have been fixed.