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Performing firmware updates for the Epson TSE receipt printer TM-m30F

Firmware updates for the Epson TSE TM-m30F receipt printer can be performed directly via the corresponding app (Epson “TM Utility”) for the Android or iOS operating systems.

You can download the app appropriate for your operating system via the following links:

Google Play
Download on the App Store

Windows users also have the option of downloading the firmware update directly from Epson’s website. Unfortunately this option does not currently exist for macOS users.

A user name and password are requested for the update. The user name is epson and the password is the serial number of the printer.

This can be accessed by making a status printout. To do this, hold down the paper feed key on the receipt printer for a little longer. A SERIAL No. is displayed on the printed receipt, which you must enter as a password.

Statusausdruck TM-m30F

To download the firmware update, please proceed as follows:

Step 1: First select the latest firmware update.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Get’ button.

Step 3: Do not select a WLAN dongle unless there is a WLAN dongle built into the printer, in which case, select the correct version.


After that, click Next. The new firmware in the app should then be available.