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Menu: Help or Lodgit Desk

This menu contains the Lodgit Help. If you are using the software on a Windows Computer, you will find all these items under Help; if you are using an Apple Mac, you will find some of these items under Lodgit Desk and some under the menu Help.

Help (Windows)

Lodgit Desk Help

This will open the help file for Lodgit Desk.

About Lodgit Desk

Information about the program such as version and license information.

Example: About Lodgit Desk

Visit Lodgit Desk Online…

This is a link to the Lodgit Desk website which will be opened in your default browser.

Release Notes

By clicking on this menu item you will find release notes and information about changes and bug fixes in newer program versions.

Check For Update

Lodgit Desk will check for an update. If a newer version of Lodgit Desk exists it will be downloaded and installed.


This will let you create compressed data of the system information to send it to the Support Team.        

Create ticket…

You can directly send a support ticket from within Lodgit Desk:

Use your username and password for your account on to sign in; if you’re an unregistered user, please enter an email address.

If necessary, attach the error log, system information and preferences file to your support ticket and hit “Submit”.

Lodgit Desk and Help (Mac OS X)

If you’re using Lodgit Desk on a computer with Mac OS X, the menu items above are in two menus.

The Lodgit Desk Help can be found in the last menu bar item “Help”.

All other commands are located in the first menu bar item “Lodgit Desk”. Under “Lodgit Desk” you can also find the Quit Lodgit Desk command and the Preferences. More information about the preferences you can find in the respective chapter.