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MappingMaster – Transfer of prices and linking of extra items

Prices for rental units

Basically Lodgit only transfers simplified prices (compared to the Lodgit price management) to MappingMaster, because this is technically impossible. The prices are transferred in the price table, which is entered under>Administration>Synchronisation and Online Modules>MappingMaster>Prices and duration for the respective category.
Prices are not transferred directly from the Lodgit price management.

The default occupancy of each MappingMaster category is received by Lodgit from MappingMaster.

The Base Price must always be entered manually. This is the price that is taken if no other price is entered in the price table for the respective period.

The prices are ALWAYS per night  for the respective rental unit with standard occupancy. A differentiation of the price unit is not possible here (unlike in the Lodgit price management).

However, prices from the Lodgit price management can be imported into the table. Please go to the gear wheel below the list and then click on>Load prices from the price management.

The>Price Comparison window opens. You can choose whether you want to import the>prices for rental units or the>category prices from the Lodgit price management. Then select the rental unit or category whose prices you want to import for the selected MappingMaster category. Prices are imported with the price unit “Per night”, which corresponds to the standard occupancy.

You can modify this as follows:

You set the check mark at …

  • Ignore default occupancy
    ALL prices are loaded independently of the NUMBER OF PERSONS, i.e. with a standard occupancy of 2 persons also those for e.g. 1 or 3 persons, if these are available.
  • Ignore price unit
    ALL prices are loaded independently of the PRICE UNIT, e.g. also those for 1 week.
  • Delete current price variations of the MappingMaster category XXX
    Check this box to prevent double display of identical prices.

The prices in the price table for MappingMaster are interpreted as the price for the standard occupancy per night, regardless of which price unit you had in Lodgit price management and to which number of persons you referred there.

If several prices are entered for an identical period, the highest price is always used.

Extra Items

Prices for extra items cannot be transferred from Lodgit to MappingMaster, but extra items from a booking via MappingMaster can be linked to extra items from Lodgit.

For example, if you want to offer a room with breakfast, you should create a>product in MappingMaster, where you check the box “with breakfast” and then enter the price you charge for breakfast as>surcharge. A TOTAL price for room and breakfast (basic price + surcharge) will be transferred.

In Lodgit you have to link the extra item “Breakfast” with the MappingMaster extra item “Breakfast”. Please make sure that the set price for the extra item “Breakfast” from Lodgit and the price for the surcharge in MappingMaster match at this point, otherwise the calculation will not work correctly, see below.

The price for Breakfast is usually “per night/ person”, but the surcharge in MappingMaster is always “per night/ room”.

If it is possible to occupy different numbers of people per room, such as “double room as single room for 1 person” and “double room for 2 persons”, an independent product must be created in MappingMaster for each possible occupancy.

If you have entered a basic price of €86 for the room in MappingMaster, the room with breakfast is to be offered and you have entered a surcharge of €7, MappingMaster transfers a total price of €93. If a breakfast price of 7,-€ per night/person is entered in Lodgit, the price of 93,-€ will be interpreted as 86,-€ for the room and 7,-€ for the breakfast. For an occupancy with 2 persons there is a basic price of 79,-€, because 2 * 7,-€ (2 persons with breakfast à 7,-€) = 14,-€ will be deducted from the 93,-€ transferred. This means that you would have had to define a new basic price here in MappingMaster and set up a new product “with breakfast” for this product, for which the surcharge includes the price for breakfast for 2 persons.

Please note: Extra items are ALWAYS treated as a surcharge in Lodgit, which means that they are deducted from the total amount transferred.