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Invoice with Company Address but Registration Form with Guest Address

A guest arrives and wants the invoice to be sent to the company address. The registration form, on the other hand, should have her private address.

To settle the booking in this way, two guests must be created in the guest administration:

  1. The guest with her private address
  2. The company with the company address

A new booking is then created. The company is added as the main contact (make sure that the box “Is guest herself” is NOT selected), the guest herself is added under Guests.

When you create the registration form, you select the guest as a person and her private address appears on the registration form.

When the invoice is created, it’s sent by default to the main contact, i.e. the company. In the “Options” tab in the drop-down menu “Print options” in the invoice window, select “Print guest names” to include the guest’s name in the invoice.