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Guest Preferences

Birthday reminders

In Preferences, under Guest Preferences, you can decide whether and when you want to be reminded of guests’ birthdays.

If you have activated the feature Pop up birthday reminders automatically, you have four options for the reminder:

  • on the birthday
  • a day before
  • two days before
  • three days before

You can also limit birthday reminders to guests whose bookings are fairly recent and ignore those whose bookings are too far in the past. Or just limit it to guests currently checked in. 

If you go to Administration > Birthdays, you can also manually ask for the birthday reminder.

This is what a birthday reminder looks like:

Set preferences for regulars

In the Preferences under Guest Preferences you can decide after how many bookings a guest is considered to be a regular.

To edit the number of bookings required, click into the field to change the number.

If you want to make a guest a regular, you can edit the number of bookings in the guest profile of the guest in the Guest Management. This number will be used and added to by Lodgit Desk in case of new bookings, no matter whether you have altered the number or not.

Guests who are regulars will be shown with the icon symbol in the current guest list.

Tip: If you don’t want to use the regular guest feature, you can simply edit the required number of bookings to an unachievable amount (e.g. 1000)

Guest defaults

This will let you define the default country and the default language that will be added when you create a new guest profile. 

You can also specify whether the approval to transfer data to the valuation manager should automatically be considered granted.