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Connection to local IP address not possible

If you use a firewall on your computer system, it’s possible that the local IP address is no longer available. As a result, it will not be possible to establish a connection to the TSE.

Solution: The firewall must be switched off completely or a setting in the firewall must be found under which this problem cannot occur.

Apple MacOS guide to firewall settings

Microsoft Windows guide to firewall settings

If this doesn’t solve your problem or you use a different firewall, please contact the support team of your firewall provider or consult the documentation of your virus scanner.

Info: Find out the IP address of your TSE

Taken from the putting the TSE into operation article:

Epson always accesses the TSE via a network interface. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the IP address of your TSE.

  • For a USB TSE, the IP address is localhost. If this does not work, enter the IP address
  • To find the IP address of the network TSE (receipt printer or server), first make sure that your machine is properly connected to your network.
    • Usually a router assigns an IP address to your TSE hardware. Check within your router configuration which hardware is present in the network. With most routers, you can display in the administration interface which devices are currently connected to which IP.
    • The Epson receipt printers print out their IP address received via DHCP at start-up.
    • Epson’s published app for Android or iOS can help you discover Epson devices (and their IP address) on your network.

If possible, assign a fixed IP to your TSE in the router.