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Add / Duplicate / Delete Guest

Add Guest

1. Open the Guest Management

2. Press the button plus underneath the guest list. This will open a new, empty guest profile.

3. Enter the data of the guest.

Whenever you add a new guest and enter information in their profile they will be automatically saved and the guest will be listed in the guest list.

When you add a new guest to the guest list, the current date will be listed as the First Contact date.

The profile also lists the No. of bookings (how many times this guest was the main contact of a booking). When they check out, this number will automatically increase.

Duplicate guest

If you want to add a guest with almost identical data to another, you can simply Duplicate the other guest. Select the guest you want to duplicate and then call up the context menu (right-click) or the Actions menu aktionsmenue and select the menu item “Duplicate Guests”.

After you have added the guest you can edit it by clicking on it and then making the changes you want to.

Delete guest

1. Open the Guest Management.

2. Select the guest you want to delete in the guest list and then press the button minus.

When deleting a guest you will be asked to confirm the process.

If you want to delete the guest, press OK.

The persons assigned to the automatic group “Prospectives” can be deleted at any time, since they are neither entered as Main Contact or Companion in a booking nor are they the recipients of an invoice or a receipt.