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Users in Germany: Are you KassenSichV compliant?

On 31.03.2021, the non-objection period ends in Germany for the lack of connection of a technical security device (TSE) to accounting systems with cash register function, which also includes hotel software / PMS, if cash invoices can be created with it. Hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation establishments that have not yet put a TSE into operation or ordered one by then to protect their systems from manipulation are acting unlawfully and risk HIGHER PENALTIES of up to 25,000 euros as well as tax estimate.

Are cash sales functions, for example, in merchandise management or hotel software to be protected by TSE?
No. 2.1.4 of the AEAO to § 146 defines: “An electronic recording system is the hardware and software used for electronic data processing that creates electronic records for documenting business transactions and thus basic records”. Thus, the systems in question are clearly “electronic record keeping systems”. As soon as the systems are able to record and process cash payment transactions, the corresponding part of the software – but not the entire system – falls under the requirements of § 146a AO in conjunction with the KassenSichV.
Translated from this article.

So if you are still using the Lodgit Desk hotel software in Germany without TSE, you should act as soon as possible. The purchase of a certified TSE hardware from Epson has been possible on our website for quite some time. This hardware works in conjunction with the additional module “Interface: Fiscalisation (DE: KassenSichV… )”, which you can add to your existing Lodgit Desk license in our license shop for only 12 EUR per month.